Ohrid is Macedonia's prime destination, with its atmospheric old quarter with beautiful churches along a graceful hill, topped by a medieval castle overlooking serene, 34km - long Lake Ohrid.


The hotel is located near the lake and is surrounded by a favorable pine forest. A regulated forest pathway is passing in its vicinity and it can get you to the monastery of St. Stephen, at an altitude of 720 meters.

BEST Skopje

You’ve been hearing a lot of great stories about the awesomeness of LBG SkopYEAH, but you never had a chance to visit us? This is your golden opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Fee cover?

    Accommodation at Hotel Beton for 3 nights, 3 meals a day, waterfalls of alcohol, nametag, beach parties, limitless fun, the BEST organisers.
  • What if there is any kind of damage caused in the hotel during the event?

    During the check in you will have to pay a deposit of 20 euros. In case something is missing or destroyed in the rooms, the money will be used to pay the damage.
  • What if a participant cancels?

    If the participant cancels before the deadline of deposit then the deposit will be returned. But if the participants cancels after the deposit, then unfortunately the deposit will not be returned.
  • When is the OHrid JAM 2015?

    OHrid JAM 2015 is from 2nd till 5th October 2015.
  • How to get to Ohrid?

    You can get to Ohrid by bus and you can see the timetable at the page about Ohrid.
  • How to get to the hotel?

    The hotel is about 6.5km from the Ohrid Bus Station and you can see more info at the page about accommodation.